Update 16th September

Welcome to your weekly bulletin – Wednesday 16th September 2020

This will contain a ‘Thought for the Week’ and will provide the opportunity for information sharing and prayer requests. Please ensure all items are with Carol Clarke no later than 9.00am on TUESDAYS.

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So don’t worry about these things, saying, ‘What will we eat? What will we drink? What will we wear?’ 32 These things dominate the thoughts of unbelievers, but your heavenly Father already knows all your needs. 33 Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.34 So don’t worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will bring its own worries. Today’s trouble is enough for today.     (Matthew 6: 31-34 NLT)

As we approach the Autumn and Winter with the news that the coronavirus is on the increase and the emergency hospitals could reopen, our worries and fears increase. Worry and fear seem part of everyday life. My mother had a favourite saying “he (or she) looks worried to death”.

On December 28, 1900, The (Toronto) Daily Mail and Empire ran this headline: “Illness Slight, Worry Killed Him.” The story said: “James McIntosh, of 535 Talbot Avenue, Braddock, worried himself to death. That is the opinion of his attending physician. McIntosh came to Braddock a year ago with his young wife, coming from London, Ontario. On Christmas Eve, McIntosh was attacked with acute laryngitis, and he feared he would not get well, although Dr. G. E. Blair, who attended him, told him there was no danger. He worried continually, and in 48 hours was a corpse. His excessive worry is said to have affected his heart.”

Twice the Lord told us not to worry.

The first time had reference to our food, clothes, and daily needs; and Jesus told us not to worry about those things for the heavenly Father knows our needs (Matthew 6:27-34). The other time is when we’re persecuted or imprisoned. Even then, we’re not to worry, for God will show us what to say and do (Matthew 10:19). He’s in control, even though it may appear we’ve been defeated.

In the Old Testament we read that Daniel and his three friends had an intimate relationship with God and had full confidence in His power so they lived free of fear. When faced with the prospect of being burned alive in a furnace, Daniel's friends expressed confidence in God's ability to use His power to save them. They didn't need to see God exercise His power; it was enough for them to know He had it. So they told the king: "We know God is able to save us, but even if He doesn't display His power we are fine with that. We trust Him regardless of the outcome" (Daniel 3:17-18, paraphrase). God's ability dispelled fear.

Are you confident in God's power and ability? If so, you do not have to fear.

So make this a worry-free day. Trust instead.




MESSAGE TO CHURCH MEMBERS FROM CLT Dear Church Members, Thank you for your views on having Dave Tubby as our moderator.  Over 30 people gave a positive response and there were no negatives so we are happy to inform you that he will hold the position of moderator during the interregnum. Thanks.  Church Leadership Team.

DATE FOR YOUR DIARY There will be a Church Members’ meeting on 9 November. Details to follow.

PASTORAL CONCERNS  Should you have any pastoral concerns that would normally be directed to the Pastor please contact Lynne Gradwell:

WHEELCHAIR FOOT RESTS MISSING FROM WBBC WHEELCHAIR – Please could you check your car/home if you’ve used the wheelchair from church over the last few months and contact the church office on 0191 253 7561 if you find them.  Thank you.

CHOCOLATE DONATIONS FOR DEPAUL CHRISTMAS BAGS Every year we collect multi packs of chocolate bars for Depaul to add to their Christmas bags for the young homeless in our region and despite our church building being closed, this year is no exception.  If you are able to contribute, please take your chocolate donations to Andrea Foster 49 Ventnor Gardens, Whitley Bay, NE26 1QD.


CHRISTMAS SHOEBOX APPEAL We may not be able to take gift filled shoeboxes to church this year but Christmas shoeboxes can be a real blessing to so many children who would not receive anything else this Christmas.  If you would like to put together a shoebox for a child, Marion and Crispian Oates are acting as a collection centre for Operation Christmas Child on behalf of WBBC. They also have a supply of folding shoeboxes should you require one.

 Important information

·         Please deliver your box to 47 Grosvenor Drive NE26 2JR by Saturday 7 November at the latest

·         Each box must have a £5 donation toward the handling costs

·         Put a note in to say whether your box is for a boy/girl and what age it is for (Marion will fill in the official form for you)

·         For £20 you can pack a box online. If you do this then please let Marion know so we can count the final number sent from the church.

·         Pack a box online:

·         Further information:

·         Marion can be contacted at   Tel: 0191  251 0205


CLT, the Search Team and some leaders of church groups who will be meeting the 2 candidates they have an interest in, via Zoom, on 16 and 24 September - please pray for them and the candidates as they seek to discern the will of God.

Pastor Paul and Gill Newman as they adjust to a new way of life following Paul’s retirement and for the smooth completion of the purchase of their new home. 

Our Children & Young People as they return to school, university etc. that this may go well both at the personal and at the institutional levels without creating a further health crisis.

Esther Beswick is still home and feeling much better although tired at times. Please continue to pray for protection from any infection, production of good healthy blood cells, continuing healing, increasing health and strength in her body.  Pray for Ian, Eleanor and Nathan as they walk this journey with Esther and as a family that they’ll continue to trust in God for the plans He has for their future.

(Please continue to make contact via Ann Sudworth.)

Please remember all those who work in Parish Nursing, in whatever role, all over the country.

Mel and Tom Spears, Maisie and Rosa; Gareth and Bethan Shrubsole, Sam, Jonah and Eva; who are working with BMS at Guinebor 2 Hospital in Chad and Brian and Jackie Chilvers who will be joining the team in January 2021.  Gareth and Bethan would appreciate your prayers for:

·         a surgeon to join Kalbassou, the Cameroonian Nurse/Surgeon who is also with BMS at G2 Hospital.

·         continued health, particularly during the malaria/wet season and for safety on the water-logged roads.

 Those within our Church Family who have serious medical needs or are recovering from recent surgery but do not wish them to be shared. The Lord Jesus knows who they are and their need of healing, please seek him asking that they be made whole.



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OUR BUILDING MAY BE CLOSED BUT OUR CHURCH IS ALIVE!  If you’re an activity/ministry leader we’d love to hear how you’re keeping in touch with your groups or how your work is continuing during the pandemic.  To contribute an update please email Carol at