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Paul’s Philippines Trip Blog: Wednesday 16 April

by IT Admin

We finished the meeting at which I was speaking – in a somewhat remote area in the Pagasinan region at about 10.00pm and then had a long journey back to the condo. The meeting was in a small Baptist Church and was filled to overflowing with people of all ages, who were very attentive. They […]

Paul’s Philippines Trip Blog: Monday 14 April

by IT Admin

Had a great day yesterday, Palm Sunday, at Maranatha Baptist Church, Montalban, for the 30th Anniversary. A truly heart-warming day. I preached at both the morning service and the afternoon rally. The morning was a ‘usual’ Sunday morning service when I preached on ‘If only you knew what would bring you peace’ (Luke 19.42). The […]

Paul’s Philippines Trip Blog: Wednesday 9 April

by IT Admin

After a somewhat late start we began the journey back to Manila but with two intended stops. One to visit a Vacation Family Bible Camp about 60 minutes south-west of Baguio, and the other to visit a group of pastors in Dagupan City on the coast. Alsonstopping on the way for chilled coconut juice drunk […]

Paul’s Philippines Trip Blog: Tuesday 8 April

by IT Admin

We set out from Baguio at 7.00am to visit the rice terraces at Banaue (do look them up on the interweb). 2000 years old they are regarded in this part of the world as the 8th wonder of the world, and I can see why. 4,000 square kilometres of rice terraces on steep mountain slopes. […]

Paul’s Philippines Trip Blog: Monday 7 April

by IT Admin

Woke at 5.00am ready for an early start for our drive to Baguio to discover that arrangements had changed and we were now going at lunctime. Baguio is a mountain resort built by the Americans in the early 20th Century and now a city of some 300,000 people. A beautiful city with civic buildings set […]

Paul’s Philippines Trip Blog: Sunday 6 April

by IT Admin

Morning worship at Maranatha International Baptist Church, Marikina. This began at 9.00 and as we are staying 90 minutes away this meant a pretty early style. Understand that 90 minutes here means about 30 minutes travel in the UK! The church was packed and they are still to build the back wall but at over […]