On Saturday 21 October from 10am till 12 noon, Roy Searle will be joining us as we continue to explore how we express our missional calling as a church.

Earlier this year, Ellen Wild told us how Chichester Baptist Church engages with its community via alternative gatherings on a Sunday. If you missed Ellen, you can read a little about that in the latest issue of Baptists Together (page 16).

Roy will be sharing about why it’s important for the church to rediscover its missional focus and, from his experience championing pioneer ministry across the UK, will share some stories of how churches have embraced their missional calling.

Roy Searle came to faith whilst training as an Outward Bound instructor and has held pastorates at Portrack, Stockton-on-Tees and Enon, Sunderland (1988-1992). From 2005-6 Roy was President of the Baptist Union. He is one of the Founders of the Northumbria Community where he has been one of the Overseers since 1992. He ispassionate about life, faith, culture, leadership, missional living, spirituality and building communities of diversity, as well as encouraging people to seek God and live generously. He is a writer, spiritual director and mentor, and is a visiting lecturer/tutor at several theological colleges and leadership schools working within both church and secular
contexts. Married to Shirley he has four adult children. They are currently in the process of moving from Wooler in Northumberland to North Yorkshire.

He blogs at Northumbrian Reflections.