A petition from Open Doors:

The Syrian and Iraqi populations are facing immense suffering because of years of war and violent unrest. We believe that in Syria and Iraq the lives, livelihoods and freedoms of all people should be protected and guaranteed. This includes the Christians.

The Christians in both these countries have played a vital role in society for almost 2,000 years and are committed to being a place of hope and compassion for the years to come. They face significant targeted violence and persecution. Yet, despite this, Christians seek a future in – and for – their homelands.

We cannot stand by while Christians in the Middle East face unprecedented threat. We must give them hope.

Will you join us in raising 1 Million Voices of Hope in prayer and advocacy for Christians in Syria and Iraq? We must tell the world in as loud a voice as possible what needs to be done to guarantee a genuine future for Christians in these countries. Will you add your voice and make a difference?

Add your voice online here.