Sermons (Page 2)

Sermons (Page 2)

PODCAST: 04/07/21 – Blessed are the persecuted

WelcomeJo Song: Come, now is the time Intercessory Prayers:Dawn Bible reading: Matthew 5: 3-10Eleanor Song: Build my life Bible reading: Acts 5: 17-29 & 38-41Bill & Carol Talk:Crispian Close:Jo

PODCAST: 27/06/2021 – Blessed Are The Peacemakers

WelcomeKatherine Bible ReadingJames 3: 13 – 18 Bible ReadingRomans 14: 13 – 19 SongBreathe On Us Now PrayersJulie TalkTony SongMake Me a Channel of Your Peace (Instrumental) ClosingKatherine SongMay The Peace of the Lord Christ Go With You

PODCAST: 20/06/2021 – Blessed are the pure in heart

WelcomeHelen PrayerDavid Intercession Prayers:Jane Song: Praise is Rising Bible reading: NLTJane ReflectionKaren Bible reading: The MessageWill ReflectionJohn Bible reading: NIVSilke ReflectionDawn Bible reading: KJVHelen ReflectionJulie Song: Who you say I am CloseSarah-Jane

PODCAST: 23/05/2021 – Pentecost All Age Service

Welcome and IntroductionKatherine Song: Holy, Holy (Lift up His name) Bible sketch: The Helper ArrivesOpen The Book team Bible readings:John 14: 15-16John 16: 13John 7: 38-39John 20: 22Luke 24: 49 Song: My Lighthouse Talk:Jo Prayers:Youth and Children’s leaders Lord’s PrayerVarious Song: Build your Kingdom Blessing:Rachel