Using the Spiritual Disciplines to give your life balance

Using the Spiritual Disciplines to give your life balance

Back in 2016, we had a Sunday morning teaching series called Life Balance. It was all about how disciplines Christians have used for the past 2,000 years can still help us today in daily lives, in the process of becoming more like Jesus. Don’t be put off by the word disciplines – it’s simply about practices that we do regularly, which focus our minds away from the busyness and distractions which fill our days.

Renovare UK – whose website is well worth a visit – have put together some simple but useful videos on these various disciplines. Perhaps all of this seems new to you, why not choose one that seems to really capture you.

Or maybe you’ve had years of experience engaging with a particular discipline, why not see if your experience of the Lord is deepened by immersing yourself into another of the disciplines.

Starting your spiritual journey with Balance

Contemplative Tradition: Embracing Silence

We’ve recently hosted some retreat days, which are a great opportunity to carve out a morning, or an afternoon, to spend quietly with God. Check out the calendar for the next one.

Charismatic Tradition: Recharging Your Batteries

Evangelical Tradition: Let’s Talk About It

Holiness Tradition: Living With Integrity

Social Justice Tradition: Serving Others

Incarnational Tradition: Everyday Life