World Mission

World Mission

At WBBC, we support the international mission of the church as given by Jesus: “Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation”
In particular we support the causes shown below.

BMS World Mission - logo

Every year, we give to BMS World Mission, a Christian mission organisation working in around 40 countries on four continents. In addition we are supporting a BMS Project in Guinibor II in Chad.

BMS believes in holistic mission, an approach that stays true to the Christian call to evangelisation without neglecting the duty to take care of the physical needs of the poor. BMS works through long, medium and short-term workers, teams and volunteers, as well as a large number of supported national partner workers around the world, providing people, funding, training and expertise in the core areas of its work: church planting, development, disaster relief, education, health, media and advocacy.

Tearfund - logo

We regularly support Tearfund‘s appeals and have held special offerings for them on Christmas Day for the past few years.

Tear fund makes connections across the world between people who have resources and people who desperately need them. It is particularly concerned to bring an end to global poverty; to constructively respond to the issue of climate change; to minister into the HIV and AIDS pandemic; to fight unjust trade rules; to prepare for, and provide practical relief, when disaster strikes; and to improve access to water and sanitation and health in the poorest parts of the world.

For many years, we have partnered with Children’s Vision International in Bogota (through its British counterpart New Hope for Children) which works with more than one hundred children in Colombia, giving them a home and education. Our members have previously been involved with long-term placements and summer team work parties. Many regularly support the charity by sponsoring children.

Mission Opportunities

We encourage all kinds of mission opportunities that fit with our charitable objectives and have helped financially support our members and regular attenders to get involved in trips and long-term placements many times. Please speak to our Treasurer, Tony Sims, to find out more.