For those interested here is a little more detail on some of what I’ve read, listened to and the places I’ve been:

Books Read:

Darkness is my Only Companion: A Christian response to mental health – Katherine Greene-McCreight

The New Asceticism: Sexuality, Gender and the Quest for God – Sarah Coakley

111 Places Along Hadrian’s Wall You Shouldn’t Miss – David Taylor

The Plausibility Problem: the church and same-sex attraction – Ed Shaw

God and the Gay Christian – Matthew Vines

Two Views On: Homosexuality, the Bible and the Church – Preston Sprinkle ed.

Hadrians Wall Path – Mark Richards

Mixed Blessings: Being the People of God – Barbara Brown Taylor

God of Violence Yesterday, God of Love Today? – Helen Paynter

Slow Dow, Show Up and Pray – Ruth Rice

Between the Listening and the Telling: How stories can save us – Mark Yaconelli

Mental Health and the Church – Stephen Grcevich

Stumbling Toward Zion – David W. Smith

Spitiuality and Mental Health Care – John Swinton

Losing Sammy: Letters through a miscarriage – Valerie Theng

Why Have You Forsaken Me? – John E. Colwell

Tackling Mental Illness Together: A Biblical and practical approach – Alan Thomas

Jesus in the Trinity: a beginners guide to the theology of Robert Jenson – Lincoln Harvey

Podcast Subjects Covered (Bible Project podcast:)

The day of the Lord in scripture

How to Read the Bible

Biblical Justice

The relationship between body and soul


Design Patterns in the Bible

The book of Acts

Biblical Poetry

Spiritual Beings: Angels, demons, God and the divine council

God’s Identity

Humans and Animals

Biblical Prophecy

The Law

Wisdom Literature

Baptist Churches Visited:

North Shields BC

Heaton (Online)

Westgate BC

Enon BC Sunderland

Middlesborough BC (Online)

Grange Road BC Jarrow

Stocksfield BC

Gateshead Central BC

New Life BC Northallerton (Online)