Thought for the Week (Page 3)

Presence not presents

Christmas is just around the corner but let’s take the pressure off ourselves this year. Instead of doing or spending more, who else might you invite and include?

Donating and distributing

What do nerf wars have to do with wealth distribution? Joel is not sure either but it doesn’t stop him from trying to link the two in our weekly thought. To donate or find our more about the Bay Foodbank visit


This week Joel has been reflecting on values and meetings (and the value of meetings?!)

Get over it

This week Joel has been thinking about how bad God’s people were and how good he is (and also about football).


How willing are you to be shaped and changed by God? Our thought for the week: Pruned.

Where is God?

This week Joel encourages us to look for God in whatever situation we find ourselves in.

Not Alone

In this week’s thought Joel reminds us that we are never alone, even in the hardest of circumstances and challenges us to draw alongside one another.