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What has the biggest influence on your actions? What should have the biggest influence? How can we change what influences us?

Delightful Emails

This week Joel reflects in the parts of his life which feel least like worship. How can we turn even these into an offering to God?


Are you committed to Christ or have you surrendered to him? What’s the difference? Why does it matter?


For those interested here is a little more detail on some of what I’ve read, listened to and the places I’ve been: Books Read: Darkness is my Only Companion: A Christian response to mental health – Katherine Greene-McCreight The New Asceticism: Sexuality, Gender and the Quest for God – Sarah Coakley 111 Places Along Hadrian’s Wall You Shouldn’t Miss – David Taylor The Plausibility Problem: the church and same-sex attraction – Ed Shaw God and the Gay Christian – Matthew…

Believe and be Baptised

Baptism is a public proclamation of an inward reality: That Jesus Christ is Lord of your life. Last Sunday in church two young men declared to the world that they want to live for Jesus.

The best day

If you had one day when you could do anything at all what would you do? How does your best day compare with the sort of person Jesus is calling you to be?

This week’s priorities

It’s Holy Week, when we remember the most important events in history. What were Jesus’ priorities that week? What are your priorities today?

Thy kingdom come

The Lord’s Prayer asks God for a radical revolution that starts in us. Are you ready for it?
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